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happiness is found within you. We all agree with that and if you are like me, you found this blog because you are always in the search for new ideas, answers and inspiration as you don’t conform with creeds, main stream media manipulation and popular brainwashed (and/or) brainwashing  profit seeking agendas that numb you to satisfy you. You may be someone who has solid opinions, who look for inspiration and with your keen analytic and always curious mind-set, value research and genuine characters.

You are aware of your ongoing learning processes and inner growing but perhaps have no much time to devote in the research of the vast amount of info that we have on the internet these days with regard to diverse topics of interest in order to be able feed your multi faceted mind and therefore multi faceted lifestyle. You may be someone who knows the importance of the balance of knowledge and sense with that of emotions and desires.

We seem to swim in a pool of talent  on the internet on these exciting times that we are living and our immediate concerns shall include several important factors like:
Inner balance, health, being well and healthy informed by keeping up a general awareness of what amazing people around the world is sharing and offering to the sanity of our emotional stability and clarity of our own minds, our general prosperity and so very important, our human values. Not necessarily in that order and it’s not like ALL the answers are found here but GBulletin aims to do some good research in the diverse topics in due course.

GBulletin is simple a good friend online, take it as a little Pandora’s box.  I have created this blog to my own ongoing learning, researching and growing while also as a place of storage to keep track of my findings and maybe get the fortune of connecting with people like you! by the way, thanks for stopping by.

GBulletin will share valuable information from the overload that goes along the way from a reflection to a smile to a healthy tip to an inspiration and back to the ground with current affairs. I will post articles, pictures, videos and insights besides monthly features like “Guru in the Hot Chair” in order to get to examine teachers and philosophers of these days and explore what they say they know…

I don’t proclaim any sort of philosophy, cult, religion or any similar agenda but instead examine it all to come to own conclusions by welcoming any variety of opinions and diversity of view points.

I hope you enjoy the findings

                                                                                                                                          G Betancur for GBulletin

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