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Seek an you will find… the need to re-educate our minds to the correct thought processes and the vibrations that it creates is not a laughing matter. Our minds contain the power to destroy or create our very own circumstances; if there is a switch to pull, I need to find where it is and what to do with it; don’t you?. Clicking on the image of dear worried Marilyn, will take you to an step by step instruction video of what must be learnt and how to get it ON. IMG_0277Thought Vibations


that’s Great News!! isn’t it?! how simple and clear is that?! Putting the dot on top of the i,  the missing part of the puzzle,”Butterflies are free to fly” is a free book that will clarify to you how exactly this whole game called “life” seems to work.

We are free to experience whatever we deeply enjoy to experience and choose to be happy if we really want to. Trust seems to be the hardest thing to learn but once we do, we are supposed to be able to spiritually fly and see manifest what we need.

You probably just like me, will need to read some chapters a couple of times to see the value in it as we tend to lose focus and take things too lightly in order to deeply understand the simplicity of real wisdom but I am sure you will enjoy it to expect the least.

This has been a very interesting new concept to explore and as I am learning to trust, I am sharing with whosoever is lucky enough to find such a gem just like I did.

I hope our wings will soon appear to enjoy the flight in full view! 🙂 Click on the butterfly to find the link to the page that will lead you to the book or audiobook.


Time changes everything. People who stand the face of adversity will come back with a whole new perspective that benefits not only them but others that could go through the same sort of experience. Public humiliation of the 50 shades kind is not for the fainted heart. “That woman” proves to be a very strong soul! and an example to many.

PIllars of Peace

What would constitute Real change and our Bet WIshes for a truly prosperous year, is cleverly stated in this  sacred geometry grid that I found sonewhere in the internet to share.

May all our wishes come through for 2015.


Invaluable tips as to how to obtain guidance and visually connecting to the path of your dreamed life. Super interesting!

Great talk!

if you have 30 min to spare on listening to something that would inspire you, look not further. This guy’s ideas are truly awesome! it gets better after the starbucks stories 🙂


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