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It is September now and after a two month-long holiday, I am now back at work full steam ahead with several projects to occupy my intense days…having set up my new website to link up all my photography pages  has been an utter pleasure. The good vibes that this year has brought have not been quenched by the minor set backs we are due to experience from time to time. All I can say right now is that I am grateful even for the disappointments,  for having none of those, wouldn’t have been any growth.

This picture above was taken on Victoria Park East London, the night of the Olympics closure right while John Lennon was shown on-screen singing ‘Imagine” and I discovered a new technique which made it split and look as a human pyramid with a shiny and perfectly pointed top that though was quite surreal and iconic worth sharing today with my blog too.

The following is a new video on Theta & Delta meditation sounds and colours to improve clarity which also summarize the vibes I am now moving on and that seem to be producing excellent results as for my professional and personal development is concernred…what else can I say? I am full of energy, gratitude and good vibes to share! hope someone appreciate it sometime and if not…I take this as a random diary….more like a blue moon dairy…

2012 started in full gear speed to be an exciting challenge in every way on our development as human beings full of dreams and aspirations. Communication is no longer an issue to share all our experiences and perceptions not only with our immediate circles but with the world at large, social networks and upgrades in technology makes simply inexcusable to open up to any channel we wish to let flow and share any knowledge, experience or ideal that we have; unfortunately some may not be ready to be able to use this facilities at our disposal but all are able to search and research on any topic of their wish.

I am grateful for the times we are living, is easy to take for granted such amazing abundant and resourceful era we are all sharing. I am hoping to continue to share with this blog the things that I find which have made my neurones spin at different stages of my ride and support whatever cause worth the effort or any amazing personality that makes an impact opening a door to statements and ideals that expand consciousness and freedom of speech always aiming to keep opinions subject and suggestions neutral. I wish these year to be a catalyst of improvement in every arena and of massive inspiration to trigger change; changes for the better!

December has arrived way too quickly for me, have I said this before? actually , the whole of this year seems to have flown by and I am happy I am still keeping up with my blog! though realising that this page as “monthly feeling” is sometimes a bit of a challenge to update overloading my ability to cope with all the tasks that I am juggling at the same time along with this blog i.e my other blog, my new styling and photography endeavours plus work and other chores which brings me to decide that as for next year, will call this page something else, maybe “editor words” or something like it and write when I really can.

This month I am very keen in sharing stuff related to the controversial new year of 2012 which rather than the end of the world kind of year, I see it as a transitional and evolution time for human kind and so coming to terms with changes and reality renewal,I will share also my new acquired knowledge of Feng Shui which is fascinating me at the moment while it is a good time to renovate my surroundings and start off the new year as positive as one possibly can.

I will also have the honourable task to translate “The Template”s video into Spanish which hopefully, in due course, will instigate an awakening and revolutionize the understanding of a different perception of reality within the Spanish community and Latin America and as I will then be able to share it through as many channels as I can, I will try my best to spread its message.

Last but not least, I hope will be a good Christmas, looks like for me could be a very lonely one as this year’s challenge has shown to be family and close one relationships but will definitely be very social so I will try to enjoy that and the quiet times as well…:) and wish you do the same.

Have fantastic holidays and loads of fireworks!

Wake me up when September ends!? not quite!! this month promises to be full of variety and very interesting indeed; as I love fashion as well it will be good to enjoy some spree moments in London Fashion Week, there are a bunch of street festivals and friend’s birthdays as well which will keep me a bit distant from my blogs though I will try to stick to plan and post the amazing ideas and controversies my curious mind always find. I will be attending my first Zeitgeist movement arts event and hope I can report back some good ideas. So I guess I have no much to say right now except that…stay tuned! and check up every now and then as I will for sure will keep you updated 🙂


This, I can say with confidence, is the best month of the year to me; not just because I was born on the month of August but because is a month that exudes great energy and fun wherever you go. It’s a month of sunny showers, holidays and rainbows here in London and I have started it with great optimism being grateful for yet another year of life and health and for the possibility to rest and celebrate.

This month, I have prepared a more organised structure to this blog in rotating its topics as they flow rather than having a fixed website to update every month on a fairly fixed date and that is a massive improvement to me. has stop functioning as a main website and rather directs the searcher to this blog.

As always, I have done my research on current commonly interesting topics and I am very exited to share  the information and interesting people I have found not to mention a key healthy recipe that I have on my sleeve that will prepare you to any hectic lifestyle you can have and the links to the Zeitgeist movement which is a cause I am preparing myself to fully support if in anything I am needed. Hope you enjoy the sunny ride this month as it is a bliss to me.


In today’s world where communication skills are more important than the message itself and where an image sometimes is more than what people actually aim for; I found myself short for words and unable to cope within the daily pressures of my urbanist living needs and my dreams.

June has brought those pressures and my willingness to share my thoughts and daily discoveries to a corner stand between eager imagination and oblivion. The challenge is that people like me, who although not professional or profited bound, feel the urge to share the messages and ideas found on the internet these days, are greatly needed in a world of dynamic media exploitation of invaluable creativity that tends to lead the declining scale of values of our modern society where pranks, bloody games, the annihilation of colour, grotesque art, bizarre sense of humour and bad taste are the new cool.
A generation in via of extinction just like Lions and Leopards is learning to connect over the internet as well as we used to talk on the street to each other the old fashion way. Here on the internet, communicating and sharing videos and messages or campaigns on behalf of the planet’s resources, inner growth or you name it, is therefore our greatest tool to survive disaster and the force that infuses anyone with a critical eye into supporting whatever noble ambition that pushes us to transcend ahead of this time.
Anything from writing to listening to sharing, it’s as vital to our society these days, as grains of salt preserving the meat to rot.
These pages therefore contain grains of salt within the vast amount of the famous and succesful websites that promote entertainment continuing to support the people and the causes I feel worth to highlight and promote; if even to my dear friends.
This month I have a new bunch of things to share, just no much time to devote here, so I decided to start little by little within this week and forget about deadlines that freeze my inspiration so I will then make updates as they will flow instead of on a fixed date.
It’s more than just a feeling, a compulsive drive to cheer and share that stops me from becoming one more robot as the modern brainwashed common heads to. Thanks for visiting ;0]

May has arrived so soon! the anticipation of long weekends and the Royal wedding in London has let but little time to realise that April is in fact over.
This month I am very excited with the new updates. Our “Guru” in the hot chair nothing less than Dr Deepak Chopra who will in fact be in London this month; spreading his teachings on a sold out event. I have also teamed up with “This is Natural” which is a website that promotes 100% natural products for beauty, aroma-therapy and the like.
This is a month to relax, have fun and smell the flowers as they say. May comes with all the energetic cheer of feminine earthly energy as it sprouts its fruits and flowers. It is time to get a new photo camera and take new refreshing inspirational pictures which will be shared in a flash gallery that I am preparing to add to my personal network of inspirational sites not only as my uninterested in profit gain personal network but as a platform to launch my photographic inclination; to take it seriously to the next level, in appreciation of the beautiful and blossoming world I am trying to focus on despite the pain and suffering we still inherit from the past few month’s of catastrophic events in Japan, New Zealand etc.
May is like a sunny healing balsamic energy to embrace day by day in the little things we do that will recharge us for whatever times ahead and the anticipation of euphoric summer for those who have endured a long ruthless winter like me.
We live in exciting times and evolution is touching every level in every area of our lives. I have included in the Food fo Tought page a couple of videos that may unleash new reasearch into what is called Neo Evolution and the advances in medicine that could transform our very physical beings in our future or future generations bringing a blow of hope into the eradication of human diseases and the improvisation of our physical capacities and even longevity.
May is not short on bringing inspiration, it’s a month os vibrant colours and with our healthy development of conscious responsibility in our understanding of thought and matter construction, I hope, will be a fantastic month. Enjoy!

April is finally here! the blossoming trees and the cool breeze of spring brings us the cheerful greatness of a new season. March was a tough month with disasters in Japan and full of political conflicts that came to light in the main media. We need a clear perspective of our live’s meaning to continue our own journeys to the life we are born to experience. we need inspiration. Inspiration is that quality of thought and reason that help us to see beauty all around us and transcend the barriers of political, cultural and religious differences that create all these conflicts and brings us to accept that yes, disasters happen and life must go on.
How we add meaning to it all is perhaps the catalyst of creative action. Like the Japanese now who are challenged to rebuild and rise up from the ashes of what was destroyed by the indolent calamity of nature, we are as well trough our diverse challenges in our lives, called to rebuild and rise again every time we undergo as diverse challenges .

April, the month where spring begins in Nordic Countries; refreshes and encourages that meaning. it is somehow linked to the eager felling to start anew and the excitement of what transformative changes we could do and the passion to continue into achieving our goals because when we have to make an effort to attain our deepest desires, the satisfaction of a job well done is priceless, it motivates us and finds us the reason or the meaning of our lives yet being either fabulous or short to be called that way.
Your meaning thus is intrinsically personal but you will always succeed at being at peace and joyful sooner or later if keeping this attitude that can only provide you with the motivation you need for creative and inspired action that will bring you to the clarity of meaning of what life feels like for you; which is your inner choice.

inspiration and meaning has nothing to do with what you in fact have in any material respect neither how many loved, lovely or loving people surround you for they are indeed part of your inner nature, nevertheless as a result, you can help others improve their lives and appreciations just like your own.
April is a religious month for many and the variety of definitions for inspiration for many in that respect have nothing to do with calling yourself religious and follow anybody’s rules to achieve your meaning, for it is what blossoms from your inner being what would really help you appreciate the beauty of a never-ending spring just like cheery blossoms permanently inside your head. I know it sounds trippy but as simple and candid as it sounds is no light tool to the fact that each on of us must reach out for survival when times become difficult and the pain all around our world stings.

It’s easy to find inspiration this coming month, just go outside and try to listen to the sound of spring, the colours and smells in its many blossoming trees. It is a wonderful month and I am grateful to be here to experience it. I wish this notes can inspire at least one fellow in any point of the globe for that is the meaning of this website.

March Agenda already….Spring Cleaning!

We know it is difficult to get rid of clothes we plan to use again one some day but if you tidy enough find a space where you can hold the ones with a real possibility away from your current closet while you will soon realize you don’t even miss them anymore to finally soon give them away.

Make some changes on your decoration; even a small change can bring the most refreshing start. A new quilt or new cushions, a new lamp or just a new print or re arranging your furniture can make all the difference.

Get on with some exercise or how about a good dancing session even in your loud room on your own to get all those muscles working through your favourite music and free moves?

Walk through the parks and appreciate nature itself, the trees, the sky if even gray and the rain with a warm drink. Don’t let the weather let you pass by the beauty of a new day.

Sing in the shower whenever you can as it not only free your spirit but the shower room has a great sound effect to inspire you into a great frenzy.

Be curious and explore new ideas, the internet bless us these days with plenty of information and inspiration to discover and re-discover new ideas every time, we just need to be open to explore and wise to discern what is really good for us.

Don’t do diets. Instead get in the habit of introducing healthy stuff into your system like a fruit, nuts and/or any good vegetable; you will see your system getting better by the day and the cravings for junk disappearing.

Try new ways to reconnect yourself with the spiritual realm that invigorates your soul. It’s never too much or too little you can do as everyone has their own pace, tone and length of time to feel at peace and easy with the universe we exist in.

Visual meditations and quiet observation to the reality you experience by yourself every day do wonders to keep you amazed.

Last but not least laugh for simple things and smile at everyone. Life is too short to be that serious.

Jan 11..Happy New Year! …and how about ResolutionS?

I am never ready for the new year when January comes and we are supposed to engage in compromising new years resolutions to start a fresh and with a purpose energetic enough to get me inspired to do my best and go for the best. This year, instead of making dramatic resolutions I am allowing the experience of day-to-day living start me with a fresh perspective on each and every day I usually start the day by accepting the marvellous fact that every day is going to be a new whole brand new day experience within the context and routine of similar days and leave the yesterday behind

if it gets to unrealistic for you, you can start every monday to look at every week like a new ride or every month. Clear out the baggage every time not only physical clutter but resentments and bad feelings that for whatever reason creeped into your life. You just do this like cleaning and putting things in its place. If you organise yourself as if you were a closet you will find there is room for everything as every single thing, physical and mentally can have a defined place. This month lets start by throwing away the things and thoughts that no longer have a purpose in the vision that we want for this year and organise by category of priority the things and thoughts that can be relevant. this may not be done overnight if we haven’t done it in a long time but we can dedicate the first weekend available to do it and then start a fresh new year when the resolutions will follow by itself because one you are clear and organized, clarity and order will allow the real meaningful changes to follow naturally. Take your time and get as messy as you want for a day or two digging through your old stuff and then do it. Clear out the clutter and static trash that has been piling up for long.

So here we are, that’s are my daily, weekly or monthly resolutions. Have a wonderful new year!

Reasons to be Happy and Creative Energy.
What makes one person happy might not do anything for the person across the room. If two people were handed the same amount of money one of them would be delighted and the other one would think to themselves, “That’s not enough.”

Happiness is different for every person. But the reasons they are or are not happy are the same. It’s up to you to decide to be happy and the 10 reasons below will help you to be happier.

Negativity – A negative outlook on life will bring more negative vibes into your life. Negative feelings are a choice you make.

Negativity is like a disease that eats away at your happiness. It can ruin your entire emotional state of mind if you let it.

Gratitude – Learning to be grateful for the things that you already have in your life will help you find abounding happiness. And it will give room for more blessings to flow into your life….

Wording – The words you use to describe what happiness means to you may be what’s holding you back. If you constantly find yourself saying, “I want to be happy,” then your focus is on the fact that you’re not. Change that wording to something like, “I want the happiness I already have to expand,” this not only changes the focus, but it changes the way you feel about the statement.

Timing – Life and the universe don’t always pan out in the timeframe you would like for it to. Understanding that there is a time for everything will help you realize that if what you were wishing for doesn’t happen today then there is a reason. And that the day it does happen it will be better than you could have ever dreamed it to be.

Take Action – Are you taking action on the things that would make you happy? You can’t expect happiness to fall into your lap. You must take daily action towards the things that will make you happy in life.

Clear Picture – In order to truly be happy, you must have a clear picture of what will make you happy. Simple statements such as, “I want to be rich,” or “I want a good job” is not enough. You need to be specific about what would make you truly happy. The true happiness you seek is within you. Happiness is a state of mind.

Believe The Possibilities – Believing that what you really want is already on its way will help you to manifest that happiness in your life.

Feel Happy – I know, sounds too simple. But you need to work daily on getting a happy feeling in your heart. Really work on this. You’ll be surprised at the difference it will make in your life.

Other People – Take a look around at the people who you communicate with on a daily basis. Does simply being around them make you feel good inside? If not, then it’s time to seek people who make you feel good about life. Talking with people who really enjoy life will help you become a happy person yourself.

Relax – Happiness is what you’re looking for. But if you spend all your time searching for it and not taking any time to appreciate the things you already have to be happy about your missing out. Take time to relax and rejuvenate. Then when you come back your brain is recharged and ready to act on things that will create your happiness.

Now you have a choice to make. You can choose to wallow in negative thoughts or you can decide to be happy. Yes, things might come along that can put a damper on your happy feeling. But you can choose to get back up, dust yourself off and walk away with a smile on your face. The choice really is yours.

Go ahead and make a daily effort to seek out your own happiness. Before you know it the majority of your life will be happy and carefree. And that will allow more happiness to manifest in your life. It’s a win/win situation


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