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The value of a well learnt lesson

Time changes everything. People who stand the face of adversity will come back with a whole new perspective that benefits not only them but others that could go through the same sort of experience. Public humiliation of the 50 shades kind is not for the fainted heart. “That woman” proves to be a very strong soul! and an example to many.


a talk not to be missed…

As the 21 Dec 2012 approaches, the speculation about ancient civilizations and their relevance to modern concerns are ever-growing in mystery. The pieces of the puzzle are about to start to be put on place and we need answers to continue our civilization. Check the link below and the following extract of an event planned on the day where Acharya S will share her discoveries in a worldwide broadcast conference and which is bound to solve many clues:

“Acharya/Murdock’s lecture in the Yucatan on December 21, 2012 will focus on the temple of Kukulkan at Chichen Itza or ‘El Castillo,’ where the conference will be held that day.”

2012: A New Beginning

Ted’s ~ Nurturing Creativity

This inspiring talk about how to keep on doing the creative things we do, getting rid of the fear of failure and oblivion, caused by focusing on the reaction or success that any of our creative work will have or what sort of impact will it cause to others by Elizabeth Gilbert; injects a good shot of grounding courage. Freeing our minds from the speculative concerns seem to liberate the imaginative genius that we all seem to share; fear just suppress that genius and takes us to a whole different dimension where mental instability and inspirational blocks will rule and direct our lives… pretty serious subject if you think deep about it!

TED’S Cynthia Kenyon: Experiments that hint of longer lives

Found this talk not only interesting but a vital research in its early days, daring in hoping that one day, not too far in a happier world, life will be extended to be longer! actually; dreamy…and according to science not at all impossible!

Garrett Lisi on his theory of everything

One of those days when you get up to question everything…Those who never question would never get answers I say, so in the midst of my search I bump into a great Ted’s talk to find this very interesting scientific perspective worth sharing that gives tangible answers of the universe that we live in and how physic theories  co-relate in a harmonic geometric structure in perfect order making perfect sense at every scale…fascinating {. ][. }

Garrett Lisi
Physicist Garrett Lisi has proposed a new
“theory of everything” — a grand unified theory that explains all the
elementary particles, as well as gravity.

Ted’s Talk*Jul 11* Edith Widder: The weird, wonderful world of bioluminescence

This is a fascinating topic. My imagination can not fathom the myriad of species and mysteries of deep-sea life. The understanding of benefits of this bioluminescence phenomena can be a vital resource to the development to the future of lighting design and technology. It is also pretty cool eh?!

Crop Circles Mistery…

many of us have been oblivious to the fact that reality can be more fantastic than fiction!

This is an eye opener talk about the wonders of planetary reality…

Jung Crop Circles Re-Emergence of the Archetypal Feminine 07/06 by Karen Tate | Blog Talk Radio.

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