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this is how a Leader inspires…Yes Sir! I can boogie…:}


PIllars of Peace

What would constitute Real change and our Bet WIshes for a truly prosperous year, is cleverly stated in this  sacred geometry grid that I found sonewhere in the internet to share.

May all our wishes come through for 2015.


Great talk!

if you have 30 min to spare on listening to something that would inspire you, look not further. This guy’s ideas are truly awesome! it gets better after the starbucks stories 🙂


may your highest consciousness grants you

the serenity to accept the things you cannot change;

courage to change the things you can;

and wisdom to know the difference.



From London with LoVe…welcome to 2013!


Appreciate your existence…


found this video so awesome to share, a simple message that sometimes we seem to overlook. Life is a short story worth more than the usual worries of the mundane reality. I am part of this story, you are too! how amazing….just to stop and remember what life is about put a smile back on my face no matter what is going on about. I exist! “as simple as profound as the statement I AM” It’s the field of a state of knowing. I love it…enjoy

Trance – Formation – Full Movie

Another amazing movie/documentary from Max Igan. Informative, inspirational and challenging. definitelly worth to stop and watch if even you can only afford any time at all to be present, look around and reconsider what your views in life are. Very good.

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