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Green News worth sharing:

breakthrough for clean British energy

Dear Friend

Great news.

The threat of an immediate collapse of the UK solar industry – brought on by Government plans to suddenly slash solar panel subsidies – has finally been lifted.

This couldn’t have happened without your support for our Final Demand campaign.

We’re still fighting them over the speed of the cuts in the High Court (we won, they’ve appealed). And we want community and social housing projects to get much more support.

But on Thursday they announced that whatever the judges decide, their current plans will still include clear levels of support for solar.

Without your calls to support clean British energy they might have cut subsidies so deep that the solar industry would have collapsed.

Can you help keep the pressure up?

This is a great victory – but the Big Six energy companies still rule most of our energy.

Without a public inquiry into their power they’ll keep us hooked on dirty fossil fuels and yo-yoing bills. Their recent price cuts fool no-one.

There are three easy ways to get involved:

1. Share our online petition with your friends. 2. Print a paper version of our petition and get collecting signatures. 3. Tell us your ideas for getting more signatures. We like to be inspired.

Thank you again and well done.

Glyn & the Final Demand campaign team



Here is an awesome video based on an idea of a small community trying to learn the basics to a natural living and as the current affairs go, it seems handy to learn a few tricks that may save our lives in future. We are all so used to have everything prepackaged, that the idea seems remote to some like me that never considered farming… but like I say; if we have to learn then we will! ūüôā

Great Recipe: Gazpacho!

This is a cold soup I have only learnt to make last month on my visit to Alicante and I am fascinated for its practicality and amazing nourishment so much I must to share this video recipe I found on youtube as the most accurate I found to follow. Your skin will glow and your energy levels will increase so I guess that is good enough benefit for anyone. enjoy!

The most Beautiful River…Rainbow Ca√Īo Cristales!

This is probably Colombians best kept secret with regard to its natural beautiful locations.¬†Despite of being located pretty much at the core of Colombia’s geographical centre; few know of its existence! and as you can see in the pictures, its diverse gamma of rainbow coloring underneath makes it nothing less than¬†a wonder.

It’s not just me saying this. Here is¬†its brief¬†description that¬†you will¬†find in wikipedia:

Ca√Īo¬†Cristales¬†is a Colombian river located in the Serrania¬†de la Macarena, province of Meta. The river is commonly called “The River of Five Colors,” “The Liquid Rainbow” or even “The Most Beautiful River in the World” due to the algae produced colors like red, yellow, green and blue at the bottom of the river giving it a unique appearance.

Because it is located in one of the areas of conflict for several years, it has been declared a National Reserve and¬†the tourism is almost none,¬†so to visit, you will have to go to one of the nearby towns in a quest that only few dare to experience. Hopefully as the situation in Colombia improves and the guerrillas are being eradicated, this could be one of the main touristic attractions in the¬†near future and we pray its natural state will be kept as a National Reserve as it has been up to now…

I choose this following video as it not only shows you beautiful pictures of the amazing wilderness but also includes a  typical folkloric song of the area.


Healthy Summer Crush + Quick Spinach Recipee

* 2 Golden Delicious or Royal Gala apples
* 1 handful fresh blueberries
* 1 handful fresh raspberries
* 1 handful fresh strawberries

This combination of berries contains a phenomenal number of vital vitamins and minerals. The juice is bursting with folic acid and anti-oxidants, which are excellent for the immune system along with fight against free radical damage.

Check the following video for the quickest healthiest dinner you can do! I would definitelly replace Crab for Chicken…that is a more practical choice.


Green Corner – Recycling

Discover what really happens with your recyclables. Its time for another round of That’s Just Weird.

ZapRoot, the webs most popular green video series, is an unconventional bite-sized news show that covers the fast changing world of the modern green revolution. With sarcasm, silliness, & sanity, host Jessica Wlliamson encourages you to have a better time while making a better world.

ZapRoot : The Truth About Recycling

Hoping you can cope with¬†a teen New Yorker’s accent, here it goes:


Echoes of Creation – Official Trailer

You were always here….do you remember?…

How deep is that thought….How much love for our home Planet Earth it triggers? I can’t wait to see this documentary and so to keep an eye on it and¬†find it later; here is the trailer:

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