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Narcissism is like a plague populating our social and family circles. Narcissism does not refer to the healthy love each one of us have for their own selves in terms of taking care of our well being, maintaining our appearance, aim for good looks or trying to achieve our own success in any endeavor.

Narcissism as a personality disorder refers rather to the unaware behavior of those concerned only with their own sense of power and manipulations to USE circumstances or people for their own selfish and insensitive agenda which includes always to compete, to take the most advantage and be in control regardless of any caring attachment.

Narcissists disregard anyone’s feelings but their own, they seem incapable to say sorry when they are due to do so and extremely ruthless towards others faults. In their inability of taking any slight measure of criticism, narcissists will terminate the most intimate of relationships in a cruel and sharp manner rather than making any effort to correct their flaws which in their eyes aren’t any. On the other hand, narcissists can be very critical and demoralizing or even abusive toward other people’s weaknesses or plain normal sensitive feelings.

I found this test online. It is not the law but It may help to recognize whether we, or anyone we are relating to, have this disease and hopefully improve our relationships or any narcissistic tendencies we may have. No one is perfect, the point is to be willing to admit our flaws and grow to leave those toxic relationships traits behind.

Click on the eyes to take the test and be honest to yourself:



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