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what about loVe….

‘Love, Reality, and the Time of Transition’

This video got my brain really shewing and spinning as I admit, I am one of those lovers of the “love&light” view who feeling powerless to make any difference in the world system as it is, choose to focus on the positives ignoring news of the dark side where people is being killed, children dying from hunger and idiots and psychopaths ruling our world. What else can I do but share this message on my blog and perhaps with my friends on social networks? well, if that is my grain of sand contribution to the awakening of someone, anyone,  then that is what I do. It is a whopping 1.17 hour video which I got to watch over two nights…

At some stages it got me annoyed to be disturbed from my Pollyanna bubble and re-considered if whether this was just another boycott from the religious to the work done with the help of the many amazing gurus who I have learned from on growing in the search of knowledge as to how improve myself and manifest the life that I want to choose to create but…I watched it to the end anyhow, to conclude that all perspectives are valid in that search and I must listen to all voices…This is a message from our world’s shadow, raising the issues that are really going on if not in our immediate environment, in our world as a large community; a message not to be ignored… and so the message is loud and clear: lets not fall sleep! when the moment comes, and it will come, there will be room to action and one must to be ready for the changes ahead because they are not only happening at some point but they will need our full support, from us! the ones who believe ourselves to be AWAKENED…..and if you are reading this and interested, you are!


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