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Wish anyone make time to watch this video for it not only fly you high through the beauty of the most majestic landscapes you probably never have the physical experience to go to but on top of it, as a cherry on its top, here you will also hear the privilege of a talk by Alan Watts; the English writer and philosopher who I have in the hot chair this month eager to get to know more of his works and philosophy; specially his ZEN School.

Long after his death, his powerful analysis’ talks resonate till today with the same relevance as when he gave them. He was a brave pioneer speaker introducing Eastern philosophy to the west in the 60’s and as I’ve heard a few of his talks today, he was very profound, realistic yet funny; anything but boring my dear…

Easter is a good time to reflect on one’s own path and in the irrelevance of any manipulative religion among the enjoyment of our well deserved break and holiday. The video speaks volumes on its own… and if not for the talk, the sumptuous beauty of our own wild flight through nature in this video will bring such a liberating touch of peaceful harmony to the core of your soul that will make your mind fly in realisations and answers you didn’t think were there… inside your own mind…. Appreciate -^-


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