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Dark times get sometimes so dark when we find ourselves at cross roads between Life and giving up that you question again whether this jolly stuff actually work after you got another kick from life in directions not expected. The first direction is to fall from that pedestal of enlightened and spirituality grace you thought you’ve permanently built for yourself. Some say, you’d have to touch rock bottom before rising from your ashes again and fly up but hopefully, if you have been true to your inner self and beliefs, it doesn’t have to get that low…

All experiences in life work harmoniously together for our own benefit. Lessons force us to get new wisdom, endings will bring new beginnings, personality conflicts will make room to grow a higher understanding of human nature and most important, the painful expansion of yourself and your own journey just like through the pain of a new birth, so whether we accept it quick enough or not, it all in the end show us that life would be stale and boring otherwise… It has been through pain that I have moved from places and people and is when I calm down when I can analyse and find its meaning, the value of my lessons and the riches of my versatile and experienced life.

So it is a challenge to have trust again in the universe for letting bad things happen supposedly for a good reason that you can’t actually see yet or for bringing people who hurt, and it is a challenge to get back on the jolly wheel again, but I am sure is better than to hopelessly drown in a bitter pond of sadness and hate… so giving trust and the jolly stuff another go, will test it to work its magic again…

Here is an e-mail I got this morning I thought worth sharing. Hopefully it can help to get over any shadows getting a refreshed perspective. GB

10 Ways to Raise Your consciousness

© By Aine Belton

Below are 10 timeless tips for elevating your state and living a happier life right now!

May these serve as ever-friendly reminders – they are certainly ones I personally never tire of!

1. Gratitude

Gratitude opens your heart and directs your energy to that which you love and what brings you joy, and in so magically attracts more of the same! It is a way to give (in its appreciation) and receive (through the opening created in that giving). The more you value and feel grateful for ANYTHING, the more there will be to feel grateful for per se. Furthermore, when you feel grateful you experience all the beautiful qualities you feel grateful for all over again. What you appreciate, appreciates!

“Gratitude is the sweet song of appreciation and turns any experience into a gift that is received.”

2. Suspend Judgment

Judging others, or yourself, lowers your energy and separates you from love and joy. Having an opinion isn’t the same as judging and doesn’t hold the harsh energy that judgment does. Even with forming or holding an opinion, however, be sure you know the truth of any person or situation.

“Be mindful what you decide about someone you don’t know, for it will invariably reveal less of them and more of you.”

What you judge in another may be something you secretly judge in yourself that you have not yet owned and are projecting outwards. Use judgment as a means to become more conscious of yourself, you inner buttons, beliefs and repressed aspects.

“If you’re pointing a finger, be sure to look in the mirror first.”

The more you love and accept yourself, the less you will judge others or be affected by the judgments of others. This doesn’t mean tolerating a situation or behaviour that you feel doesn’t honour you, more it frees you to walk your own path and leave others to theirs.

“When you judge you project your shadows onto others, when you love you project your light.”

3. Trust

Trust takes you towards positive desired outcomes in a magical, effortless way. Trust yourself and your power as a creator. Trust the universe and the love, gifts, guidance and blessings it has for you. Trust the doors that are opening and the ones that are closing. Relinquish control and allow yourself to be carried along the river of trust, the universal flow that will take you to bright realities aligned to your soul’s purpose with grace and ease.

4. Honour Your Emotions

Honour your emotions and listen to what they are telling you about what’s going on inside. If they are negative or uncomfortable, what thoughts or beliefs are they pointing to that may need changing or aligning?

Express and release your feelings rather than deny, repress, control or judge them. This doesn’t mean wallowing in them or giving them undue attention if they do not serve you (i.e. nip that self-pity in the bud), nor does it mean venting them at another inappropriately (writing a letter and burning it might be far ‘cleaner’ as a means of processing before communication in some instances, for example). Honour your emotions by accepting them and allowing them to be experienced and released, be that by feeling them, writing them down, sharing them with a friend, or expressing them through creativity, for example.

5. Meditate

Meditation has so many benefits, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and even physically, as science is now recognising and documenting. Meditation brings calm and balanced perspectives and dissipates negative states and denser energy, washing away stress and lower vibrations as you centre and realign.

Meditation creates a gateway through which divine inspiration and higher guidance can be accessed and received, as you still your conscious mind and open channels to spiritual realms and your Higher Self, enhancing intuitive senses.

Your energy field can clear, renew and recharge, and lower energies dissolve as you come to centre, connect to the light within, and ‘plug-in’ to higher realms through dedicating the time and space to honour the sacred – the sacred in you, and the sacred of the all-and-One, or whatever name you hold for the heart of creation.

6. Take Responsibility

Responsibility brings freedom and empowerment. The more you take responsibility for your life, the better able you are to change it. You create or allow your experience at some level, whether you are aware of that, or the roots and whys.

Become aware of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes and choices that are creating your reality. Take responsibility for them and choose those that serve you and your world. Get exciting about the future, own your power and get manifesting! Shift gears from fear and problems to solutions and desired outcomes, from blame to gain, wounded to winner, falling to soaring.

“One of the fastest ways to change your life is to start realising that you are its author and get writing a new script!”

7. Know You Are Loved

You are loved totally and unconditionally by the source of creation. If you do not hold spiritual beliefs, think of it as though there is a part of you that loves you completely, beyond need of a reason. There is nothing you need do to win that love, and nothing you can do to lose it. Open to this truth and allow it in, and the love that wants to be given to you in every moment. You are loved more than you will ever know, in ways beyond that which you may be able to currently conceive, understand or make sense of from your human perspective.

Opening to this love that is always there for you will help you experience more of your true value, worth and inherent deserving, and heal pain of separation and loneliness. Start by allowing in the possibility that you are totally and unconditionally loved right now, just as you are.

“You are loved beyond reasons, you are loved beyond seasons, unconditionally, eternally, you are loved.”

8. Forgive Yourself and Others

Forgiveness of self and others is the ultimate mind-body-soul detox. It liberates you from toxic emotions and sets you free from the draining attachments and darker emotions non-forgiveness holds you captive to. Self-forgiveness dispels guilt, shame and undeserving that can otherwise block happiness and success. It is an immensely powerful force for healing and transformation and a most gracious gift you can give yourself.

9. Have Fun!

Fun will attract success into your life like iron filings to a magnet. In fact, fun is so much of what True Success is all about, and what your heart seeks.

“If you have fun on the way to achieving your goals, you will have achieved one of life’s greatest goals.”

Fun is the antidote to stress, struggle, tediousness and seriousness. When you are having fun you are open and sharing of who you are and ride on the current of spontaneity and joy. What brings you fun, happiness and joy? Commit to more of it in all areas of your life!

“Be sure to play, to make your day, sparkle with joy, so your heart says yay!”

10. Love, Love, Love!

Love yourself and others. There may be times this is easier than others, yet make it your overriding intention. There may be some people you choose to love from a distance, yet that love is still a healing energy nonetheless.

“The beauty with love is, whether near or far, you can love from wherever you are.”

Love lies at the heart of all that you seek, and separation from it lies at the root of your troubles and pain. Let love be a guiding light in your life that will steer your ship through stormy waters back to the shore of happiness and joy. We all love to love and be loved! It doesn’t get better than that! It is the highest vibration there is. The more you love yourself and others, the happier, brighter and more successful your life will become.


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