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My personal definition of ART is:

A Ltruistic

R eleasing

T ension

ok? that in my humble opinion. I was recently invited to an art show where among many outstanding and amazing performances that took place, and they all were really brilliant dance and theatrical pieces, except one performance which just caused me to write this article as no-one’s said anything about it; this one in particular that I am talking about, was a guy who brought a bunch of dead ducks and birds to perform an utterly disrespectful bloody indulgence with them going around the room while pictures of the organizers genitals were on display. That’s what some call ‘Modern Art’ and so I just want to express what I think about it.

The inspiration of many modern performing artists seem to aim at shocking and disgusting basic instincts, frequently they try too hard at showing off controversial ideas that collide with honest opinion rather than focusing on expressing their true talent. It is certainly true that art is about controversy, surprise and free expression but surely it has not to be at the expense of human and animal degradation, cruelty and vulgarly; anybody can tap into bizarre human degradation and call it art but is that really art? or just attention seeking antics that have no meaning?

In a world of tasteless reality shows where reality as such is as distant and diverted from what is real as a negative of a photograph of a subject to the subject itself, questioning arises; has tapping into the subliminal codes of vivid imagination lost its passionate appetite for some?

It appears that it is in our days that true inspiring art and hard work to attain it, such as those from iconic  historical heroes, is becoming more of a distant memory; neither many artists are coming up with work that could help the aperture of the human mind into transcendence and cultural evolution in the main stream media and many just attempt to throw buckets of cold water of outrageous undermining indifference to people in search of true inspiration while regarding it as ignorance. They try to get rid of the past beautiful ideas in the name of originality taking all that was good with it as in a whole package and this is what many on modern art seem to do, nothing more that trying to represent a desperate attempt to grasp something new without any point of meaning to reference as to whether is good or not. And who am I to say all this? I am an Art Lover, just like many, spread around the world, from all walks of life…

I know that is apt to the art lover to judge this art from his/her point of perception but is it profanity and animal cruelty or disrespect for beings and nature art? or is that art for the sake of calling it art? Understanding art is not as simple…many will proclaim to be artists just for the degrees gained from the schools they’ve attended but true art understanding have less regard with degrees and more substance in the subliminal and even spiritual perception of the unknown true art lovers who evoke to a point of connection with their experiences and dreams as they go through the process of refinement of concepts which is a fundamentally subjective issue as cultural evolution itself, and consequently art shall be open to all sources of possibilities through real human experiences for art contains many faces for comprehension and many meanings for analysis.

For the sake of moral judgement, Art can not be superficially overview as if it were a simply esthetic or anti-esthetic item of subjective and subliminal irrelevance for in the end, it will feel as empty as a noisy drum. These irreverent attention seeking artists find prominent place in modern-day as setting up gigs and exhibitions become more popular and easy to access and to produce but as far as an art lover is concern, the filtering through what constitutes true inspiration must stand firm, as firm as a heavy boat standing in the midst of and avalanche of a flood, beginning with one’s self inner definition of inspiration and inclination.

Controversial called art disregard questioning and ridicule as being poignant but causing controversy is not the same great aim as causing inspiration and cultural transcendence, which makes you wonder if these artists are setting out to offend or they have a real need to create something from their deepest necessities of approval and ego conflicts?


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