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When I started with this blog, I started it with the neutral intention to expose all what I would find interesting to explore in the light of expanding my vision in life in the broad physical. spiritual and intellectual spectrum that will at the same time be recorded not only for me but for those who can possibly bump into it and find the posts interesting enough to trigger personal perspective, opinion and some brainstorming in various issues.

It was never intended to attack any religion and still not at all! but I am afraid it is time to clarify ideas on the western idea of “God” which I grew up to accept for many years in my past, until I realised how obscure it was, and the curtain must fall down for  eyes to be open with no trace of guilt or fear for what we have entangled ourselves to believe what “God” is; in order to evolve. It is always interesting to receive news from Acharya S as she proceeds further to her quest and the people and articles I find through her page “truth to be known”, facts ignored by the brainwashed millions which I used to be part of and the senseless distortion that is only preserved by FEAR of “hell” and “death” and the irrefutable justification given in their own minds!

Here is a video that gives a hint to explore this religious truth, if I may call it like that of what I am talking about; a God taken way too out of context?! 2012… it’s time to wake up! is that “God” really?

And to a brief into this apparently very awakening book written by Barbara G Walker who I need to know nothing about (although I shared an eye opener interview with her on blogtalk radio sometime ago,) to realise she makes a hell lot of sense. it is amazing when you actually realise the whole senseless of religion and the bible.

To link to a page dedicated to the book’s brief on “FREETOUGHTNATION” which is an amazing site; click on the cover:


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