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Green News worth sharing:

breakthrough for clean British energy

Dear Friend

Great news.

The threat of an immediate collapse of the UK solar industry – brought on by Government plans to suddenly slash solar panel subsidies – has finally been lifted.

This couldn’t have happened without your support for our Final Demand campaign.

We’re still fighting them over the speed of the cuts in the High Court (we won, they’ve appealed). And we want community and social housing projects to get much more support.

But on Thursday they announced that whatever the judges decide, their current plans will still include clear levels of support for solar.

Without your calls to support clean British energy they might have cut subsidies so deep that the solar industry would have collapsed.

Can you help keep the pressure up?

This is a great victory – but the Big Six energy companies still rule most of our energy.

Without a public inquiry into their power they’ll keep us hooked on dirty fossil fuels and yo-yoing bills. Their recent price cuts fool no-one.

There are three easy ways to get involved:

1. Share our online petition with your friends. 2. Print a paper version of our petition and get collecting signatures. 3. Tell us your ideas for getting more signatures. We like to be inspired.

Thank you again and well done.

Glyn & the Final Demand campaign team

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