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This is just a definitely ‘must see’ interview.

Will this ever get somewhere…? we can only hope it will…

It shall be done rather than talked about though; as we need leaders with balls of steel to implement this sort of sociological new philosophy that makes so much sense. Relying on Peter Joseph to do that, is like relying on Monet to build that beautiful bridge he painted. Peter Joseph just simply exposes the great ideas, truths or speculations; truly a brilliant mind but is nearly frustrating to think that the information it’s just not enough…I love Joe Rogan’s approach to the whole interview, questioning everything and the hands on realistic facts to implementation with a so necessary skeptical hint that keeps one’s feet to the ground; I got a similar conclusion when I met with the movement organisers last year: It’s that all? just an interesting movie/documentary??! it got a lot of a brainstorming effect on a whole lot of people anyhow…it must then lead somewhere! The more aware and sanely informed the masses are, the better decisions we would make…

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