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Thrive – the movie

Lack of understanding of priorities coming from the lack of love of a materialistic and superfluous human generation has its powers beyond control at manipulating the information allowed to the masses; we found no exception to “Thrive” the amazingly revealing full movie that is now being left hanging there to its only 3/4 minute trailer and obviously shrinking the information to almost none, reducing it to a level of mere speculation when the minority who on time was blessed to watch it fully understood its undeniable vital meaning regarding changes in our future, for the survival of a free humanity; nothing less than that! the scientific explanation of the Taurus although incomprehensible to some made perfect sense to others more knowledgable in the subject maybe controversial but nevertheless a relevant and optimal presentation that we must all hope, it goes beyond being a movie to being a hands on practical solution before is too late.

Here is the yet available trailer:


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