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the healing energy of colours starts with our very own Auras. According to experts in the subject, Auras are a form of electromagnetic energy emitted by all living things (including plants) that surround our bodies. We obviously can not easily see them through the naked eye but it makes sense that if our bodies are in constant motion of energy, a field of this transmission will occur within the surrounded area reflecting the vibration of the energy it has emitted and we can perceive it somehow; these is the energy you feel when you meet someone for example. The aura then, is unique as our bodies are but will follow patterns that represent that energy which is at the same time made of light and light reflects color. This colours then are exposing the meaning and feeling wich is the vibration of that energy.

Auras are directly related to the chakras for they are the centers of energy fields which rule the state of our inner being through the energy points along the spine. We all have an aura which reflects our state of health and emotional well-being just like we all have a field of our vibrational energy influencing our exchanges and communications with one another.

People who claim to be able to read auras are looking at colour and breaks in the aura to interpret the person’s physical and mental state, and to see whether the flow of energy needs healing and in particular, whether the relevant chakra needs attention to be strengthened. The clearer the colour is, the more positive the energy. Cloudy, murky or pale colours in the aura have a negative meaning. Breaks in the aura, or large dark patches, can mean the onset of a physical illness in that area of the body. It all looks pretty obvious as colours talk to us at a deeper level.

The area nearest the body tends to refer to the person’s physical state; the layer of the aura which is further away tends to refer to the mental or spiritual state. So again, According to experts in the subject, different colours have different meanings and these meaning are as follows, though in my opinion are subject to perception :

Red Positive: energy, activity, courage. Negative: anger, repressed emotion. Orange Positive: confidence, optimism, independence. Negative: indecision, low self-esteem. Yellow is the colour of the intellect and communication. Positive: open, articulate, creative, enthusiastic. Negative: secretive, dishonest, manipulative. Green Positive: healing, nurturing, loyal, patient. Negative: jealous, emotional dependency. Blue Justice, principles and ideals. Positive: just, altruistic. Negative: naïve, inflexible. Purple Spirituality and psychic awareness. Positive: intuitive. Negative: prone to day-dreaming. Pink Peacemaker, love, harmony. Positive: peaceful. Negative: sitting on the fence, no sense of direction, sees other people’s point of views to the detriment of their own. White Synthesis of all colours. Spirituality – usually seen coming out of the crown of the head. For instance, anger can be seen as red spikes in the aura. Cloudy or murky patches around the head can mean worries, or headaches.

Psychics say that you can learn how to see your aura using some exercises like sitting in front of a mirror in a dimly lit space and letting your vision go out of focus. Kirlian photography is a technique developed in Russia in the 1930s which shows auras on film.

I found this quite interesting to share and though deep inside we know exactly how we feel and what needs to be strengthen or calmed down, hope you try to identify your Aura sometime, I will!


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