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Meditation Chambers

This is a flash website I created to scape the rush and turmoil my hectic life brings at times when mental reactions become overwhelmed and overtaken by the usual daily stress. I don’t proclaim them to be a definite source of answers to spiritual or mental issues but definitely a release from tension and worry. It only takes a few minutes to explore every page but focusing on a video at the time helps to relax, focus and dominate my restless nature.

Click on the window and fly away…


Guru in the hot chair *Oct 11- Acharya S Murdock

I first came to hear from Acharya S when I saw the first version of the Zeitgeist movie. Shocked and dumbfounded I couldn’t understand what I was hearing neither what  her report will mean to me in the face of a disclosure of the sacred name “Jesus” and all the information that I was so afraid to unleash at the time when my questioning with regard to reality and what really made sense clashed in confusion with my  “moral”  values, namely of “religious beliefs” we all have been brought up with; in my case christianity. All the search and research was of utmost importance as for the continuity of my life as it was and the decisions that I would make.

What can I say, I do not follow her theories to the dot neither have total evidence of unquestionable facts, because all facts I believe now, are questionable, but one thing I know for certain. It revolutionised my life in opening my mind without any fear to follow my own conclusions to facts that have been carefully and professionally researched…

I am sorry to have to share this with my Christian friends, It just feels like being you having to tell a child “there is no Santa Claus” but unfortunately that is what this corrupted system has done to our society…and is ok, because “God” whoever/however you perceive “God” remains eternally itself.

I find her extremely brave and valuable. There are not many people in this planet with such a noble passion like her to disclose her scientific findings having the courage to stand against the odds, the opposition and religious fanatics.

For a full review on her career, story and achievements in Wikipedia click on her picture

D. M. Murdock
, better known by her pen name Acharya S., is an author and proponent of the Christ myth theory. She has authored six books and operates a website named Truth be Known. She believes Christianity is founded on earlier myths and the characters depicted in Christianity are based upon Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and other myths.

We are One Human Race

There is a lot to be done to save this planet from decay and the sooner we acknowledge that religion and corrupted politics should not divide us, the better.

Just start by joining the force of love that wants everyone to shine on and do what they can.

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