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Zeitgeist Movement Meeting

Meeting up with the Zeitgeist movement people in the comfort of a local in my neighborhood last Saturday was pretty easy. I got to see some of those faces of spiritually bonded friends that agree with the revolutionary truths and ideas shared in the famous movie and long for that massive and regarded as “utopia” project to come to light and start rolling.

We had a good discussion as how we think the message should be spread and our hopes for the world to realise the options available; least it collapse completely before healthy and sensible action is taken in our systematic way of dealing with life in this planet.

The group meets regularly at Passing Clouds , 1 Richmond Rd, Hackney London and if even for a beer and a chat regarding global issues in a very informal way, it’s worth the visit. The gig was also good; I will pop by every now and then!

The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability activist group working
to bring the world together for the common goal of species
sustainability before it is too late. It is a social movement, not a
political one, with over 1100 chapters across nearly all countries.
Divisive notions such as nations, governments, races, political parties,
religions, creeds or class are non-operational distinctions in the view
of The Movement. Rather, we recognize the world as one system and the
human species as a singular unit, sharing a common habitat. Our
overarching intent could be summarized as “the application of the
scientific method for social concern.”

To learn more about our work, please visit


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