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What about enlightment?

By Jafree Ozwald

Many people wonder, “What does an enlightened  being understand that other people don’t?”  Well, they simply see how everything  is connected to a cosmic intelligent web of energy, love and information that  physically exists in between every atom in this Universe.  An exponentially increasing flow  of deep inspirational insights  happens with every thought which  passes through.  It is unimaginable, yet the moment you let go of this  small limiting identity who you’ve been conditioned to believe is “you”, and  dive deeper into trusting this omnipresent intelligence, your inner  “light” switches on.  You’ll know it because your body becomes  deeply relaxed, and your  mind becomes supremely empty, soft and receptive to every possible experience  that comes its way.

The journey towards enlightenment is a  constant celebration of life.  Living every moment with the recognition  that you are intimately connected to a power that is so great, so intelligent  and loving that you wouldn’t trade it for all the diamonds, gold and money on  this planet. This  living, breathing, conscious intelligent energy is powerful, and it is always  flowing through you.  It is around you, instantly available to you, and loves you  unconditionally.  Enlightenment is fully surrendering to this truth everyday,  everywhere  you are.

Nothing ever happens by  accident in this enlightened Universe.  There are no coincidences in  the enlightened being’s understanding of life.  Even your decision to read this article is not an accident.  Every experience is always the “right” experience  for that moment in our journey.  Life is the perfect teacher.  How can an  infinitely intelligent Universe ever make a mistake?  Every lesson your  soul came here to learn is being provided for you through each breath and experience  that you are  given. Your spiritual path into enlightenment is your path home.  The Universe is constantly here  guiding you, helping you to remember and re-awaken  the realization of your awesome true radiant Self.


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