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Nigel Paul Farage is a British politician and is the Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). He is a current Member of the European Parliament for South East England and co-chairs the Eurosceptic Europe of Freedom and Democracy group

I am indecisive as to what category should I use to allocate this post with regard to European Politics and the fascinating Mr Farage persona. Should it be “food for thought”, “Affairs Buzz” or ” my “guru in the hot chair”?! it fits them all! As you will see in the following videos, this is certainly the most outspoken MEP I have seen in England and I am excited and supportive of the prospectus in having Mr Farage representing a voice that must be heard to instigate the diligence of finding practical solutions to the financial modern problematic and face the facts to be resolved by uncovering the truths that must be told and no one does it in a more elegant and clear manner that this Mr Farage. I just love people who speaks their truth with passion.

Although I have always been skeptical of politicians, this time I am bias as I never seen any other quite like him! I have chosen a couple of past videos that paint pretty clear Mr Farage’s agenda in the European Parliament to get the laundry out in the most elegant, eloquent and even amusing way. I can hardly see anyone doing it in better style and I am very happy to know that we still have some  honourable and passionate politicians in the world at work to speak the truth and get real specially at these confusing times and specially in the place where decisions that affect millions do take place: the european parliament! Well done for that. I have not heard of much recent activity but I heard a rumour that his campaign is definitely up to do something and very soon! Check these videos out:

We can keep an eye at his website here:


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