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I am excited and grateful of being informed to join this movement and unite the voices that proclaim positive change. You can do the same.

Remember the movie Zeitgeist? I shared the link sometime ago, If you haven’t seen the movie; I can not stress how important it is to watch it. Look at the AffairS Buzz category in this blog and get yourself informed. The movie has been a revolutionary eye opener to those who truly care about humanity’s future and the uncovering of mass deceit, bondage and monopoly of general resources.

The video link that you find in this post goes to the Zeitgeist Movement Orientation Presentation –  for anyone and hopefully my friends to watch it, it addresses what it is the way ahead onto a possible solution to the problematic exposed in the original movie.

The views in this presentation are anything but utopia, all is possible only if we all unite to the biggest challenge in human history. Things may be going at a slow pace but that doesn’t mean the are no progressing, it is only a matter of time for us to be called to decide what steps to be taken and hopefully, we will be prepared, so lets start to wake up.

Click the following link and if you agree,  join the movement!

The Zeitgeist Movement: Orientation Presentation – 40 Translation(s) | dotSUB.

TZM Global Radio Talkshow For a radio talk that will explain the movement


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