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Some things prompt you to read a good book and learn something that although quite obvious and not new, you need to recap on . Broken relationships and failed plans are the product of internal misconceptions one has to fix as soon as found.

I highly recommend this book I’ve reading this week, not just because it hit me at a very special time in my life where I question my emotionally charged relationships but for all the clarity it brings in such a simple language to improve if not heal personal development, behaviour, communications and relationships. It’s author Mr Miguel Ruiz based on Nagual “Toltec” wisdom from the ancient Southern Mexico reveals in this book four simple steps to restore our inner peace and freedom with the effective resolute action to make the most important commitment within oneself that fix the cause of the constant clash between our altruistic eagerness to grow and our emotional dramas.

In brief, The Four Agreements are:

agreement 1 Be impeccable with your word

agreement 2 Don’t take anything personally

agreement 3 Don’t make assumptions

agreement 4 Always do your best


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