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Meditating, on own conclusions from my research, I understand  Zen state as the ongoing act of conscious meditation; a life style of practicing to be. To be genuinely present and the exercise to continually try to master the abiding at the core center of our inner being in finding human balance; something like the Da Vinci famous yin-yan figure portraits.

Because of external effects that can bring so much imbalance in our lives through our on growing processes to master emotions and all sorts of human situations, vices, habits and our inherited character genes and preconceptions of spiritual and cultural nature, the constant tendency is to be deceived into abandoning that core center; that core of being real to ourselves and our world.

Zen found wisdom by eons, teaches us that we then have to meditate in being at the present moment whether focusing on our breath or our visual reception of what we perceive as real.

For me personally; I try to use visual and a ‘going on’ meditation. I wish I could sit still for hours with my eyes closed and concentrate on that blank mind but that level of focus I have to admit, I haven’t yet mastered. The alternative I have found useful to my dramatic and sometimes problematic environment is the striving tool of the every moment ongoing realization of my true presence and breath while doing everything else. I have also found out that by helping my mind with videos rich in visual transcendental information, I can relax and unlock my subconscious mind to connect with my universe, as I perceive it, from my cleared mind, at a subliminal deeper level; acknowledging as real as possible what and how I am feeling and reacting.

Here is a link by clicking on the picture to my Visual Meditation Blog wich is nothing else that a collection of videos that help me with the struggles within myself and my environment to achieve that desirable ZEN state of constant meditation and adjustment of balance.

Not that I have achieved it, not me out of all people, and I can be very wrong but I am still walking and learning to continually evolve despite much long-standing opposition and struggle to survive and love life. I guess we can never assume to achieve it completely because we fall or can fall of that Zen state balance at every single moment. The never-ending quest is therefore to continue! the reward is Peace… enjoy the videos.


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