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When I first saw the first Zeitgeist movie, I was gobsmacked to say the least; how on earth would anyone claim that we have been laid to for 2,000 years!?! and in such a sensitive subject as God, heaven and the like!? there was, coincidentally, a lunar eclipse going on that night in London and just as the sky, my mind was eclipsed by this daring revelation and more than a dramatic revelation that I must verify, I had to pursue to enquire and to dig in further.

I then bumped into Acharya S among other sources. I saw interviews videos and red numerous references to her book, “The Christ Conspirancy” which by the way, I was so afraid to read…  As a raised Catholic and then born again baptized Christian for a few years period during my “spiritual” search for meaning and God, this was not only shocking, it was a wake up call to redeem the years in oblivion and deviation from my true personal freedom. Suddenly all the disappointments with a system that confines and fails to lead people into a true path of  spiritual growth, made sense.   I will say no more for now.


In this article that I am sharing today, Acharya is responding to a few debunking arguments, which I also bumped into a few weeks ago, against that very first part of Zeitgeist 1 where she exposes  her historical and Archeological discoveries and knowledge.

It is a very heavy subject but precious to those who look for answers. I just thought it very relevant and a good read for the break during Easter to have a reasoning brainstorm and help put things into perspective.

Rebuttal to Dr. Chris Forbes concerning ‘Zeitgeist, Part 1’.               


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