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This month we have Regina Meredith as our “Guru in the hot chair” she is not guru per se and I am sure she would find very funny to be called like that! but I find her work of tremendous value and overall a very interesting and powerful woman who has dared to confront a good number of thinkers and enquire the idealist and innovators of thought and new patterns of belief of our times.
She has dedicated her very professional journalism skills to reveal to us a new world of ideas.

Most videos in the Conscious Media Network are so very interesting we encourage you to visit their website and surf it for a long while as it will be a very expansive experience for what all the interviews and videoos from Regina herself in the “Fifth Elemet” series have to offer.
As in her own words, evreyone who is waking up from the sleepist state, is now encouraged to find his/her way of self discovery and expression which in turn reveals his/her inner truth. We warn you to hold your skepticism and criteria of own judgement before you jump into any conclusions, in other words it does not harm to listen to as many points of view as possible.


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