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Either we heal now, as a team, or we will die as individuals.

In the face of the challenges imposed by nature and our continuous failures in politics and economic systems to satisfy our  alarming needs; humanity has a wake up call to abide as a team and strive for succesful transformation. we live in a planet under the care of our own hands. Nature is ruthless, one day is a disaster in New Zealand and the next in Japan and…where would be next?

Pieces of paper called money should not even be an obstacle to allow aid.

Politicians in the current system fail to help because of corruption and lies. Religion separates us by god in a never ending division that should not even be an issue into condemning one another justifying the decline and/or punishments from the diverse gods to our societies by their continuous arguable philosophies that only divert us from the fact that we are a human race. A human race that should not only strive to be happy but to survive!

As a race, as human beings, we play a game, the game is called life and divided we can only destroy all that has been bestowed to us by the infinite benevolence of the source in the universe that some call God.

The time is now here for many of us to start waking up to the realization that either we heal now, as a team, or we die as individuals.

I therefore dare to conclude that even we don’t see the way out yet, we can all start by opening our minds and hearts to welcome the changes we can all contribute to happen in the near future with a clear vision that we all are one in this planet and everyone must have their basic needs met. We must win this game.


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