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If we all made small changes to the way we live our lives, planet earth would be a nicer, safer place to live. Leaving standard and non-eco-friendly actions behind isn’t all that difficult. Even if you’re unaware of the specifics to what makes the ‘green movement’ green, you can research and inform yourself of the thoughts, principles and actions behind the global, green movement. In all honesty, the lifestyles that most of us lead are not peachy or earth-friendly. At best, they are infused with an environmental stubbornness and ignorance showcased by acting and living in denial amid the current eco-catastrophe we’ve placed ourselves in. The general ‘green’ aim is one with intent and it strives to promote longevity (whether it be potential or actual) of vital human ecological support systems – such as climatic, agricultural, industry and other various issues that directly impact our environment. To ease the obstacles our environment is currently trying to bob and weave through you can start by living a life with conservation in mind.

Using environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable bags can all help towards this global goal. Biodegradable bags are far better from an environmental point of view, as they are manufactured to degrade over a short period of time, compared to standard plastic carriers that last for many years and contribute to the build up of toxic chemicals in landfills. The world is becoming more aware of the damage that we are causing to our planet, and therefore people are starting to utilise greener products which are less harmful to the environment. One of the reasons that polyethylene bags haven’t been replaced by another type of plastic bag, is that each type of disposable material that bags can be made from presents its own environmental problems.

The majority of products available today are widely available as recycled items, and other products that are not recycled, can be recycled when the time comes. Giving eco-friendly products is a brilliant way to offer complete satisfaction to your customers. Unlike petroleum-based (traditional) plastics, biodegradable plastic does not produce greenhouse gases as it is formed because it is made from plant fibres. Some recycled products are now bright, funky and imaginative and are widely available from most promotional gift houses. By using recycled products, we are reducing the production levels of non-recycled goods and therefore helping the environment.

Written by Andy Black


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