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1 Face the problem or situation and acknowledge it for what it is. You don’t do yourself any favours by fooling yourself or ignore the fact that things could definitely be better.

2 Don’t get stuck. You can observe and do all the analysis you can but as soon as possible look back up as dwelling on the negatives may make you spiral down into the hole of problem focus rather that problem solving.

3 Do not underestimate patience. Rolled sleeves up and be ready to take action if needs be but also be patient and wait for the solution to fit in your reality; Action and patience are both equally important depending on the situation.

4 Be aware of your fear and try to understand your emotions. Be gentle with yourself and others involved. A good cry sometimes brings just the relief that is needed at a particular moment; it is only human to be concerned… but do not allow yourself to give in to worry! Because again this may suddenly traps you into the spiralling glum we mentioned above.

5 Change your negative thoughts and immediately replace them with an opposite scenario; seems like a childlike recommendation but what matters is the result you will get.

6 Get off the subject for a while and look for things that having nothing to do with the issue in question and that can bring a smile to your face…the more the better 🙂

7 Do not overrate the “problem” or “situation”; avoid the drama and drama will go away. Don’t take anything too serious while in the process of being sorted, it may sound crazy but the less concerned you are the more you release the negative pressure and the easier the pressure the easier it unties like a bow knot and if people look at you like a “Pollyanna” idiot that is because they need yet to learn this technique to fight their battles…and the most important one?! That is to get in touch with our inner most vital resource and get to know more of the co- relation within the outer and the inner self and what we are capable of; because ultimately that is what our human reality is about. Problems, learning lessons, challenges and awkward situations will always happen to everyone but how we deal with all makes each of us life experiences better or worse

8 last but not least do not forget to laugh! Try to have some fun in everything you do while you go through the ride and be grateful for all that there is to be.


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