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Ekhart Tolle has been familiar figure for the past few years as he has been spreading his views of reality and peaceful teachings through out the world by his famous books like the “power of now” and a” New Earth” His inspiration being the actual spiritual teachings that revolve around the present moment and how to be present its the only realization we have to come to terms with in order to move on into the future, that in the acceptance of every present moment we let go of the resistance that the past impose on us to disallow us to be happy and move on.
He has numerous talks on youtube and participated in world wide seminars that are worth watching them still as he and Oprah Winfrey bring more clarity to the vision in every program.
It sounds simple but the reality is that we are almost always focusing on the past by attachment or to the future through anxiety and fear which paralizes us to be effective in the present and realize our full potential. Click on the video that has been chosen as his most informal and fun interview ever.

It is fascinating and encouraging that someone with a fantastic sense of humor, a very witty personality like Jim Carrey has embraced Mr Tolle’s teachings to the point of having talks all over Eckhart’s channel on Youtube.This is not only inspiring but as we can appreciate;it’s not like Mr Carrey is selling us anything for a profit but the overflowing joy of someone who is really happy at what he has learnt to share it with the world.
We don’t proclaim Mr Tolle’s teachings as a new cult of some sort of religion or anything but want to leave you to explore his teachings and come to your own conclusions.


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