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1 Face the problem or situation and acknowledge it for what it is. You don’t do yourself any favours by fooling yourself or ignore the fact that things could definitely be better.

2 Don’t get stuck. You can observe and do all the analysis you can but as soon as possible look back up as dwelling on the negatives may make you spiral down into the hole of problem focus rather that problem solving.

3 Do not underestimate patience. Rolled sleeves up and be ready to take action if needs be but also be patient and wait for the solution to fit in your reality; Action and patience are both equally important depending on the situation.

4 Be aware of your fear and try to understand your emotions. Be gentle with yourself and others involved. A good cry sometimes brings just the relief that is needed at a particular moment; it is only human to be concerned… but do not allow yourself to give in to worry! Because again this may suddenly traps you into the spiralling glum we mentioned above.

5 Change your negative thoughts and immediately replace them with an opposite scenario; seems like a childlike recommendation but what matters is the result you will get.

6 Get off the subject for a while and look for things that having nothing to do with the issue in question and that can bring a smile to your face…the more the better ūüôā

7 Do not overrate the “problem” or “situation‚ÄĚ; avoid the drama and drama will go away. Don’t take anything too serious while in the process of being sorted, it may sound crazy but the less concerned you are the more you release the negative pressure and the easier the pressure the easier it unties like a bow knot and if people look at you like a “Pollyanna” idiot that is because they need yet to learn this technique to fight their battles…and the most important one?! That is to get in touch with our inner most vital resource and get to know more of the co- relation within the outer and the inner self and what we are capable of; because ultimately that is what our human reality is about. Problems, learning lessons, challenges and awkward situations will always happen to everyone but how we deal with all makes each of us life experiences better or worse

8 last but not least do not forget to laugh! Try to have some fun in everything you do while you go through the ride and be grateful for all that there is to be.


Albert Einstein & Peace Pilgrim-Words of Gold-

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.
I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.
My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind.

                                                               Albert Einstein

Keep your feet on the ground and your thoughts at lofty heights..

Humanity has only scratched the surface of its real potential.

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought.

                                                                                                                      Peace Pilgrim


Barry Schwartz: Using our practical wisdom -TEDS’ Favs-

This talk was chosen as our innate wisdom is totally relevant and sometimes overshadow to the criteria that we must apply these days in a world suddenly guided by rules forgetting personal practical jugemnet and improvisation in any area we develop our imputs.
Mr Schwartz can not be more amusingly clear:


Veggie Delight -Juice Recipe-

Juce Recipe Jan 11

Start your day with an earthy, mineral rich POWER juice.

1 golden delicious apple,
4 organic carrots,
1 raw beetroot bulb,
1/2 lime,
2 handfuls of spinach,
small piece of ginger.
you can add an orange for a tastefull twist and yumm..
Easier to make than it looks and it will give you such a bust of energy to start the day that you soon be addicted to the habit of having a glass before you get out that door.
It is a good habit and will pretty much stop you from craving the usual coffee…

Jason Vale’s Video


MONEY VS PASSION..What drives you? -Food for Thought-

Passion it’s the driving factor to action on taking
a path in your activities choices which is in itself
vital to then choosing your career or job or in
fact anything you do.
After a long stumbling journey I discovered that doing what one is passionate about is the primer component to achieve any enjoyable success to conclude that this is the vital force that will guide me from one step to the next into achieving anything.
I have always research and enquire on a variety of subjects that call my attention. It begins in your early days when we enjoy in observing that in the simplicity of what our world seemed to offer, we could always find a way to play in it and from then on we develop our critical judgement and imagination for the things we appreciate as interesting and beautiful; in mixing with the experiences that life brings whether pleasant or not.
while we may indeed have the drive to make money when starting any business career or engage in any course of education what we come to recognise at one point or another is that without passion for what we do, the mere money-making drive does not matter much in our true core. The result on being driven by a solely interest in making the money is that any adversity or challenge would not only exhaust our energies and before we know it we are straying from what our original intention to live life to the fullest was in the first place but it would also leave an empty space in between our desires and wants that could under mind our efforts and ultimately lead us to give up on life, which is not an issue to take lightly…
In taking a stand to dig deep on what we are really passionate about, we would be able to assess where we are to where we want to go; this may mean to step out of ourselves and look at the world at large and others by directing our efforts into providing value and solutions to problems and that my friend will ignite your passion.
After many years of stumbling across all sorts of experiences, all sorts of people and failures in every area of my life I rediscovered that all lessons learnt and the refined taste acquired by tasting the awesome and the awful could indeed benefit others in the world. I understood that my passion was ignited in giving my discoveries (ranging from all the areas my curiosity would allow me to surf) proper attention and share them with a broad audience
I dare to be sure that in any or some corner of the world at large there will be someone who would benefit from them. This fired up passion enable us to overcome the usual challenges that we find across in the regular day-to-day dealings and issues that will show as we continue on our way.
We can conclude by saying that money although important in the current monetary system we live in; it’s not the recommended priority factor that should drive us into what we can do for others and for ourselves but the passion of sharing what we love doing; being any kind of profession you choose.
You will find an ironic fact though and is that when you do what you are passionate about the rewards in terms of money will follow as well and there are many inspirational millionaires lovingly passionate about their business who care for the kind of money they make the least.
We love shining bright stars that show true passion and cheer the people who are sharing an array of products and services that they show they are truly passionate about as well as people who share insights, art and teach with a passion in all sorts of personal growth and bring all kinds of inspiration to improve our lifestyles and fire up our passions.
To your passion!
Thanks for reading:)


“Guru in the Hot Chair” for Jan 11: Mr Ekhart Tolle

Ekhart Tolle has been familiar figure for the past few years as he has been spreading his views of reality and peaceful teachings through out the world by his famous books like the “power of now” and a” New Earth” His inspiration being the actual spiritual teachings that revolve around the present moment and how to be present its the only realization we have to come to terms with in order to move on into the future, that in the acceptance of every present moment we let go of the resistance that the past impose on us to disallow us to be happy and move on.
He has numerous talks on youtube and participated in world wide seminars that are worth watching them still as he and Oprah Winfrey bring more clarity to the vision in every program.
It sounds simple but the reality is that we are almost always focusing on the past by attachment or to the future through anxiety and fear which paralizes us to be effective in the present and realize our full potential. Click on the video that has been chosen as his most informal and fun interview ever.

It is fascinating and encouraging that someone with a fantastic sense of humor, a very witty personality like Jim Carrey has embraced Mr Tolle’s teachings to the point of having talks all over Eckhart’s channel on Youtube.This is not only inspiring but as we can appreciate;it’s not like Mr Carrey is selling us anything for a profit but the overflowing joy of someone who is really happy at what he has learnt to share it with the world.
We don’t proclaim Mr Tolle’s teachings as a new cult of some sort of religion or anything but want to leave you to explore his teachings and come to your own conclusions.

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