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Hats off to a heroe in solitude surrended by wolves and in the apple eye of the tiger. Here is the latest personal interview with the most talk about man in the world at the moment. Ethical Justice seems to be in the shadows and as we know that evil powers and bullying under the table won’t stop working against a man who deserves the Nobel Peace Prize labelling him as anarchist when actually assertive authority and secrecy has never been challenged. This is about a battle of good vs evil in the quest for heroe’s freedom and bulling prevention. We can only hope that the power of JUSTICE will prevail.

We are fascinated at how the current flow of scrutiny and commotion the Wikileaks release of information has impacted our media world these days. We understand that the battle behind the scenes and popular circus just began and a key window of opportunity moment to the continuity or jeopardy of free flow of information and freedom of speech, to which we will elaborate further, it’s at stake as we speak.

Mr Assange was released on bail today to hopefully continue his work; in our next page update we aim to give a full overview of the impact of action-reacction that this case has in our society and the it’s inevitable effect to the way that information is released on the internet.


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