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Trying to be or see yourself as spiritual can become the ego trap to radical thinking and fixations into the illusion that you have to be something or do something.
In my humble opinion, there is no news:  You are Spirit and spiritual as you can “BE” yourself living in your truth. So there’s no need to be spiritual, just to BE!
Our essence is indeed spirit and as we layer off our inner being revealing our true self, we let this essence flow and run it’s unblocked energy all around us. The more we let this energy flow within and out of ourselves the more our spirit can freely respond to matter in such a natural way that it follows no rules no dogmas and no rituals other than living life itself on the go; the only challenge being the mastering of emotions and the excercise of emotional intelligence to guide every action for the good and benefit of all.
Mastering the emotions is the core of our growth and is in that level of growth that spiritual (if meaning grown up in spirit) should be categorized if need be rather than through religious practices or knowledge of “spiritual” facts and history.
Nevertheless it is recommended that we expand our awareness and develop the habit of meditation to keep us focused in our present reality by paying attencion to our innerworld and getting in touch with our inner being which will ultimatelly reflect our outer experience in the material world as we unblock the most valued true connection with our higher self.



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