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Optimism is unfairly overlooked by some like a mere “Pollyanna” syndrome
for people that have no real touch with reality and therefore optimists are usually taken for granted. I am sure you have seen examples where optimists are not really taken seriously even when we can agree with their cheerful perspective in some way or another in any issue. No one is always an Optimist or always a Pessimist but only when situation touch us in a deeper level we can resume our predominant character. Lucky for many, the predominant reaction can be optimistic but unfortunately for others can be glumly pessimist.
Optimism is the most vital inner resource that no merely help us cope with a difficult situation but to fight “ fear” which is the root of any problem itself in the first place and prepares us in order to find a solution.
Finding solutions is what healthy optimism is about; CONSCIOUS OPTIMISM is being skilfully resourceful while rooted in reality when facing an issue. You don’t have to pretend living on la la land to be an optimist neither just because someone is an optimist have their heads up in the clouds
Conscious optimism in our days is coming to terms with the fact that anything is possible, that nothing is fixed in reality as many quantum believers promulgate and that there is no problem with no solution, as my mother used to say 🙂 and this is a principle that has help me a great deal throughout life challenges.

So if there is a solution to every problem or awkward situation, and there are plenty of those my friend! Then, facing that problem or situation and finding the best perspective, is using a technique that skilfully learned can change anything and that I may say; is rather heroic. There is nothing “pollyanestic” about mastering your emotions, finding your inner balance and facing your fear. A good way to learn how to change a pessimistic focus is to spend some time trying to help someone less fortunate who longs for the things you take for granted in life.
It is sad to see someone stuck in a problem with no apparent solution for them, something that for you may look really easy! And if you were to encourage them, your imagination will fly above their situation to lift them up and show them how their problem can be easily solved. We sometimes forget to do this for ourselves and that is exactly what we have to do when is not that one person (1) zero zip one person to encourage us around and become conscious optimistic.
The conscious optimist triggers this encouragement from their own inner reserve and when succeeding and overcoming a challenge their optimism glows and flows out of themselves like sweat after a good work out. You are lucky to find such instigators; they are everywhere and when things are not seemingly well that is when you see them in action:
The conscious optimist will understand that there is a problem or situation and of course acknowledges the disappointment knowing like by nature that behind every disappointment there is a lesson to learn, so there he learns…. but no, he didn’t just came up to this by nature,  previous lessons did teach him just that!
Not getting stuck there, looks in the bigger picture to find a better perspective for finding a solution, a positive ground…there can be exceptions in critical chaos but as for daily living this can be an extremely helpful attitude. Optimists are conquerors, sometimes even heroes and usually great leaders. It is hard sometimes when the glum creeps in every one of us to see light shine but the thing to learn here  is how to master our attitude and what we allow to be predominant in our character.
We all heard the phrase ” if the sky throw you lemons, make lemonade” easier to say than done but it CAN be done and there is immense satisfaction as a result.
In our hectic 21 century world going crazy life styles it’s easy to get caught up under the pressures of daily business, time management, cash flow worries and life feels like it is a battlefield. I am not going to tell you otherwise, yes, life it’s a battle, to learn is the reason we are here and like skillfull warriors we need to excersise learn and practice the techniques that leads us to be happy and have a nice day! have that smile on our face and remain within our inner peace.
Some days you need to be that hero, but most of the time really, a little shot of optimism to overcome bad wheather is enough for many; it is not always that hard.

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